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Thermal Protector N01/N02


Due to the outstanding quality our temperature protectors of the successful series fulfill the highest demands on safety and reliability. They are equipped with a million-times proved patented switching system.
Advantages: small and pressure-resistant, reliable and long-lasting, temperature-sensitive, quick reaction, flexible connections and mountings.

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The production and manufacture of the controlers is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

By maintaining the current RoHS-conformity the products correspond also to the WEEE 2012/19/EU.

Attributes & Specifications

available as NC-type = normally close and NO-type = normally open
automatically reset after cooling down

Temperature Range
60°C up to 180°C

Switch Power
up to 2,5 A (7,5 A) at 230 VAC

standard VDE, RoHS-compliant
UL and CSA if requested

100%-test during the manufacturing due to DIN ISO 9001

Flexible Uses
with solid connection wires for PCB-mounting, available with NC and NO contacts, special versions also for small quantities

mechanical engineering, medicine, electronic, industry, automotive, domestic devices, heaters, traffic, energy technology, solar energy and wind turbines