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Thermal Protector SP1


Due to the outstanding quality our temperature protectors of the successful series fulfill the highest demands on safety and reliability. They are equipped with a million-times proved patented switching system.
Advantages: small and pressure-resistant, reliable and long-lasting, temperature-sensitive, quick reaction, flexible connections and mountings.

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The production and manufacture of the controlers is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

By maintaining the current RoHS-conformity the products correspond also to the WEEE 2012/19/EU.

Attributes & Specifications

available as NC-type = normally close
limitor-function with self-hold-system
Temperature Range
70° C up to 180°C
Switch Power
up to 6,3 A (10 A) at 230 VAC
standard VDE, RoHS-compliant
UL and CSA if requested
100%-test during the manufacturing due to DIN ISO 9001
Flexible Use
different cables, only available with NC contacts, special versions also for small quantities
mechanical engineering, medicine, electronic, industry, automotive, domestic devices, heaters, traffic, energy technology, solar energy and wind turbines